Top Vegan English Wines to try this Veganuary

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Top Vegan English Wines to Try this Veganuary

If you’re doing Veganuary this January, or looking to introduce more vegan options into your life, there are a whole host of vegan English wines to choose from!

Wait – vegan wine?! Surely all wine is vegan, right?! I mean, it’s only made from grapes!

Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. When wine has gone through fermentation, it can leave leftover particles in the wine such as dead yeast, which makes the wine appear cloudy or hazy. To clear the wine of these particles quickly, winemakers put the wine through a process called fining – adding a fining agent to the wine that binds leftover particles together so they can be filtered out. It’s these fining agents that tend to use animal-derived products – commonly a type of fish protein, or egg white.

You can read more about what makes wine vegan or non-vegan, and how vineyards produce vegan wines here.

 Sixteen Ridges Pinot Noir English Red Wine from The British Wine Cellar

So, what are our top 5 vegan English wines for you to try this Veganuary?

  1. Fox & Fox Mosaic English Sparkling Wine – this stunning sparkling from Sussex is just the thing to brighten up your January! With dreamy brioche aromas and delicious dry orchard fruit flavours, plus, all Fox & Fox wines have been certified by The Vegan Society, so you can be sure every aspect of their wine production has been made without the use of any animal products.
  2. Sixteen Ridges Pinot Noir English Red Wine – a light to medium bodied red from Worcestershire. This is full of flavour, particularly for a wine that’s lighter bodied – delicious red and dark fruit flavours with earthy tones. It can be tough to find vegan red wine, particularly good English vegan red, but Sixteen Ridges like to make their wines naturally, which eliminates the need for fining agents.
  3. Wayfarer Bacchus English White Wine – a deliciously dry, Sauvignon-style white wine from Kent. Fans of New Zealand Sauvignon will absolutely love this! Wayfarer use bentonite as their fining agent – it’s very fine type of clay, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for vegan wine. Wayfarer say “The only animal to come anywhere near the wine is Maple, our vineyard dog!”
  4. Whitehall Charlotte May Rosé English Wine – a beautifully dry, Provence-style rosé from Wiltshire with delicate notes of red fruits and candied apples. Whitehall are a family run farm and vineyard and they love how the fact their wines are vegan really links to their sustainability goals.
  5. Hidden Spring Bacchus English White Wine – a dry white wine from Sussex that tastes of the English countryside! Delicious flavours of elderflower and nettle, with a crisp herbaceous finish. Hidden Spring only use the purest vegan fining agents and no animal products are used anywhere else in their winemaking process.


 Whitehall Vegan English Wines from The British Wine Cellar


Those are our top picks, but we have a whole host of other vegan English wines, and we even have a pre-mixed vegan case where you can save 10%! Click here to shop our full collection of vegan English wines.

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