Valentine's Date Night Ideas for Wine Lovers

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3 Date Night Suggestions for Wine Lovers

Let’s face it – Valentine’s Day in lockdown isn’t the best…. But if there’s ever been a year to treat yourselves to a special night in, it’s this one! And let’s face it – you can get far more bang for your buck staying in and having a date night at home than you would by taking your other half to an expensive restaurant.

Here are our top 3 suggestions for a fun wine-themed Valentine’s Day date night!

English Wine and Cheese from The British Wine Cellar

  1. Experiment with wine and cheese – what pairings are your favourites? What works better than you expected?

In our house, no date night is complete without a baked Camembert, some crusty bread, and approximately one gallon of English Bacchus!

But what do you think goes best with baked Camembert?

If you’re into red wines, we suggest trying a Pinot Noir – something light that won’t overpower the cheese but will complement the texture perfectly. We think Sixteen Ridges Pinot Noir from Worcestershire is perfect for this.

If you’re into white, we have two suggestions for you. If you like your whites fresh and fruity (similar to Sauvignon Blanc), try Hidden Spring’s Bacchus from Sussex – the acidity cuts through the Camembert beautifully, and you can still get the fruity notes of the wine alongside the flavour of the cheese. If Chardonnay is more your thing, choose Lowick’s Solaris from Northamptonshire – the honeyed notes and full body really make the most of this gorgeously creamy cheese.

How about cracking open some sparkling for a truly special date night? We heartily recommend Wiston Estate’s Blanc de Blancs 2015 – this sparkling wine has the perfect texture and acidity to cut through the creamy Camembert, while the fruity tones complement the creamy flavours of the cheese. A truly luxurious and moreish combination!

If you’re into wine and cheese, why not choose a few cheeses you haven’t tried? Or get your favourite cheeseboard together and experiment with some different wines!

If all else fails, we know you can’t go wrong with some wine and baked Camembert!

English Wine and Baked Camembert


  1. Do an at-home wine and chocolate pairing session! Grab some of your favourite chocolates and crack open a couple of fantastic wines and let the aphrodisiacs take over!

Wine and chocolate can be notoriously tricky to pair together – it’s very easy for one to overpower the other. We have tried and tested the below – one thing we strongly recommend is investing in good quality chocolate. On the back of any pack of chocolate, you’ll see the percentage of cocoa – for white, opt for ideally 25% or above, for milk look for 35% or above, and for dark opt for at least 65%.

Dark chocolate pairs fantastically with fruity English rosé such as Welcombe Hills A Rose by Any Other Name from Warwickshire – the body and fruit notes mellow the dark chocolate. We think this works particularly well with single origin chocolate from Madagascar, where the chocolate has notes of red fruits. If rosé isn’t your thing, try with an ultra-smooth and fruity red like Winbirri Signature from Norfolk.

Welcombe Hills A Rose by Any Other Name English Wine

Pair white chocolate with light bodied red wines – we think Whitehall Pinot Noir from Wiltshire pairs beautifully with some high cocoa (36%) white chocolate. In fact, we’ll happily skip dessert and just have some white chocolate and Pinot Noir!

For milk chocolate, it might take a bit more experimenting to find the right wine combination for you! We recommend starting with a light bodied wine such as Winbirri’s Pinot Noir from Norfolk. If you want something heavier, try with Montgomery’s Rondo from Wales – the textures are simply incredible when mixed together.

  1. Have a wine taste-off! Why not pitch English wines against Welsh wines? Or get two sparkling wines from the same county and admire the differences between the two! Can you taste the difference between Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs?

If you’re looking for a date night activity that involves some different types of wine, why not do a little blind-tasting at home? See who can get the most answers right!

English Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs from The British Wine Cellar

Our Spectrum of Sparkling Trio and Spectrum of Sparkling Case feature a range of sparkling wines from Blanc de Blancs (wines made from white grapes only) to traditional blends (wines made from a mix of white and black grapes) through to Blanc de Noirs (wines made from black grapes only). Why not spend the evening discovering the differences between delicious sparkling wines?

Pick a region and discover the variety of wines within that region. Fox & Fox made their Mosaic Rosé just a few miles from where Beacon Down made their Rosé de Noirs – however, crack them open and you’ll find they’re two beautiful but very different wines!

The British Wine Cellar can support any date night themed activities you’d like to do along these lines – let us know the type of thing you’d like, and we can supply additional information about all of our wines, and supplementary tasting note sheets for you to fill out while you taste the wines! Read more about this here.

So, there you have it – an evening of tasting different wines, pairing chocolate with wine, or indulging in your favourite cheese and wine combination! Some fantastic date night ideas that are perfect for these winter lockdown evenings!

And the best bit is? You’ll be supporting small to medium sized independent British vineyards!

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