Wines to Pair with Christmas Dinner

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6 English & Welsh Wines to Pair with Christmas Dinner

Wine pairing with Christmas dinner is traditionally quite challenging. There are a lot of different flavours to balance, and you don’t want to overpower the wine with the food and vice versa.

With this year being a little different for everyone, why not treat yourself to some particularly good  wine this year! And there has never been a better time to support independent British vineyards.

Read on to find our guide of the top wines we’d recommend for pairing with Christmas Dinner, plus a couple of other favourites to treat yourself on the day!

  1. Sixteen Ridges Pinot Noir from Worcestershire – perfect for pairing with turkey. This wine is light bodied enough to not overpower any of the other flavours on your plate. Turkey can easily get quite dry, so any red wine with tannins will exacerbate any dryness in the meat – this deliciously soft Pinot Noir is very low in tannins, and will be a great match! It’s got fruit flavours that will match your cranberry sauce beautifully, and it’s light enough to appeal to even non-red wine drinkers – this wine is an all round winner for Christmas Day!
  2. Wiston Estate Brut NV English Sparkling Wine from Sussex – perfect pairing for smoked salmon. This sparkling wine is light enough to still let the beautiful smoke flavours from the salmon shine through, whilst the crisp acidity balances the oil. We also think this wine works perfectly as an aperitif before dinner, and let’s face it – there’s never a bad time to crack open some fine English bubbly!
  3. Gwinllan Conwy Solaris from North Wales – perfect for pairing with turkey, but will also pair beautifully with pate or terrine that you may be serving as a starter. The ripe fruit notes, crisp acidity, medium body and general mouth-watering juicy-ness will have your turkey melting in your mouth! If you’re having guests round, try to get them to guess where this wine is from – most people still don’t know that you can get great wine from North Wales, so it’ll be a good talking point!
  4. Winbirri Reserve from Norfolk – perfect for pairing with roast beef. If turkey isn’t your thing and you’re opting for red, go for a full bodied red that’s been oak aged. The body, and balance of fruit flavours in Winbirri’s Reserve, along with the well-rounded tannins and complex aromas will match perfectly with your roast beef.
  5. Stopham Estate Bacchus from Sussex – pairs beautifully with cheeses, particularly soft or creamy cheeses. The acidity cuts through the fat in the cheese, while the fruity notes in the Bacchus enhance the mellow flavours of the cheese. This Bacchus is particularly special with its beautiful mix of tropical and herbaceous flavours – it’s a definite crowd pleaser! It will also be the perfect choice to serve to any guests who usually enjoy Sauvignon Blanc.
  6. Beacon Down Riesling from Sussex – the ultimate palate cleanser! Still English Riesling is incredibly rare – we actually think Beacon Down may be unique in producing this! It’s medium to medium-sweet, but it’s got great acidity to it, which leaves a refreshing, clean feel in the mouth. Beautiful flavours of stone fruits and tropical fruits mean it’s sure to be a hit with everyone around the table! We recommend serving this between your main meal and dessert, or just before you serve your cheeseboard.

We know we said 6 wines, but we do have a couple of extras for if you wanted to really treat yourself! 

Upgrade your Pinot Noir & turkey pairing by opting for Litmus Pinot Noir - a luxuriously juicy Pinot Noir that is light, fruity, balanced and very moreish! 

Up your English Sparkling Wine game with Essence from Fox & Fox - this 100% Chardonnay is a perfect celebration wine. We think it's an elegant combination with smoked salmon, but it is also great on its own as an aperitif, shared with loved ones. 

If you're looking to serve more Welsh wines on Christmas Day than English, we recommend the velvety Rondo from Montgomery Vineyard in the heart of Wales, and Pefriog, a luxurious Welsh sparkling wine from Gwinllan Conwy in North Wales

There you have it! Some perfect ways to pair English and Welsh wine with your Christmas Dinner! As always, we’re on hand to help if you’d like any personal recommendations – please email – or if you’re looking for more winning Christmas combinations, head over to our range of Pre-Mixed Selections where you can get some fantastic mixes of wines, with a great saving too!

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