Chilford Hall

Chilford Hall, just outside of Cambridge in East Anglia, is one of the oldest established vineyards in England, with vines planted on the estate in 1972.

The rolling chalk hills of the Cambridgeshire downs have proven time and time again that they are the perfect spot for creating high quality, award winning wines. 

The estate has been in the Alper family since 1966 when it was bought by the late entrepreneur Sam Alper. It was Sam who brought a profound sense of individuality to the estate, along with his keen interest in wine. 

Since its first planting, the vineyard has grown considerably in size, and now covers more than 20 acres, featuring 9 different vine varieties, producing more than 18,000 bottles of wine a year. 

All wines produced on the estate are made exclusively from grapes grown and harvested there. 

Chilford Hall Vine