Montgomery Vineyard



“Our vision is straightforward. We strive to create the finest signature wines from Wales. From vine to wine, we target perfection”


In 2012, Montgomery Vineyard began its journey to create the finest signature wines of Wales. Our vineyard is based in a unique part of Wales, the garden of Montgomeryshire. A passionate understanding of geology, uncompromising south facing terroir and an unwavering vision to create quality Welsh wines defines Montgomery Vineyard.

Quintessentially Welsh, we believe hand planted vines and hand picked grapes encapsulate the quality of our wines. We have identified the SO4 rootstock varietals as being the perfect match for our terroir and microclimate. A deep respect for the wine making process and understanding of time means we release the wines when they are ready. As a family run vineyard, we don’t think in years. We think in generations.






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