Newhall Vineyard

Mr and Mrs Greenwood pioneered the East Anglian vineyard movement in 1969 by establishing New Hall Vineyard when there was no others in Essex. New Hall remains a family-run business and is now led by the third generation.
New Hall, along with other renowned vineyards in the Crouch Valley, enjoys a unique microclimate aided by a combination of low rainfall, a temperate growing season and ideal growing degree days tempered by the neighbouring River Crouch and Blackwater. The risk of frost is very low and the dry, warm season allows a steady accumulation of sugars flavours to develop in our aromatic varieties. Vines have been planted in Purleigh near All Saints Church since the 12th Century which pays testament to the fact that our terroir has been recognised as a successful grape-growing site for centuries. In fact, we planted vines in 2018 adjacent to All Saints Church, so this site is very special to us.
The first vintage wine was produced in 1972 from a harvest of three tons of grapes. In 1983, Piers Greenwood partnered up with Kenneth McAlpine at Lamberhurst Vineyards, Kent, to produce one of the first Traditional method English sparking wines from Pinot noir and Chardonnay grapes grown at New Hall. This was a great milestone in the UK wine industry. In fact, Piers was the first UK grower to introduce Bacchus and Pinot Noir to the UK, recognising their potential within our cool climate.
We have just over 14 different grape varietals on site, spanning over 30 different plantations. One of the great advantages of growing so many grape varietals is that we have a lot of freedom in the winery to produce some exceptional by blending and trialling different combinations. We are particularly proud of our recent Limited Edition Wines which we started releasing in 2018 to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, and we are thrilled to see these wines winning awards each year of their release.
All our wines are produced here on site at New Hall in our 250,000 litre capacity winery. We have invested greatly in new equipment over the years in order to fulfil the growing demand for contract winemaking and our own wine production.
We produce red, rose, white and sparkling wine, so something for everyone!