About Us

Our Aims

  • To offer our customers a convenient place to buy a wide variety of high quality wines from England & Wales
  • To raise the profile of English and Welsh wines
  • To bring our customers closer to the producers of their wines


The British Wine Cellar is a family business, founded by husband and wife team Natasha & Gary

Both were English wine superfans, and had long been frustrated by the lack of choice available for English wines in supermarkets and wine specialists. If they wanted a few different wines, they'd have to shop in a few different places - there were no convenient options. Why wasn't it easy to buy English wine?!

It wasn't just the lack of availability that was frustrating - retailers stocking English wines tended to only stock sparkling wines, and positioned this as an alternative to Champagne, which meant consumers were only tending to drink English wine on special occasions. But there is a whole world of English and Welsh wine outside of just sparkling! Take red wine for example - there is such incredible variety in English and Welsh red wines, but you'd be hard pressed to find a retailer stocking a wide range of them. 

They started speaking to English and Welsh vineyards, who shared their frustration about the lack of ways in which they could sell their wines - large retailers require big capacities and have high operational and administrative requirements. Selling via their own websites didn't offer customers breadth of choice. 

In 2019, after extensive research and gaining Distinction in Level 2 WSET Wines & Spirits, Natasha and Gary decided to do something themselves. After successful careers doing buying, product development and operations management for the likes of Hotel Chocolat, notonthehighstreet.com, The Co-Op and Harvey Nichols, they pooled their collective skills and expertise - The British Wine Cellar was born! 

The idea was to create a place to buy English and Welsh wines that didn't feel too specialist, and didn't feel at all exclusive - it's just a place selling a great range of wines to suit every taste, that happened to all be from England & Wales, supporting small to medium sized vineyards. Somewhere you could discover your new favourite wine! And be amazed that it's come from somewhere local! 

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Today, The British Wine Cellar offers more than 80 high quality wines from 17 expert winemakers across England & Wales. To ensure there is always something new to discover, these numbers are growing all the time. 

By shopping with The British Wine Cellar, you are supporting small and medium wine producers in England & Wales. 

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