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The Luxury Trio

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Forget red, white and blue - it's all about red, white and bubbly!

Three outstanding, luxurious wines - a fresh, dry white from Wales, a super-juicy light bodied red, and a deliciously indulgent dry sparkling wine from Sussex. 

This case is a perfect gift for any wine lover, or for adding a special touch of luxury to any occasion.


Featured Wines


Litmus Pinot Noir - a light bodied, juicy red wine of exceptional quality. Aromas of cherries, wood and earthy tones lead to flavours of dark fruits and a hint of spice. Soft tannins and good acidity leave a juicy finish on the palate

Wiston Estate Blanc de Blancs 2015 - elegant and complex, with notes of tangerine, honeydew melon, honeysuckle and brioche, and delightfully refreshing acidity

Montgomery Solaris - this signature wine offers aromas of pear drops with an exotic tropical nose. On tasting, refreshing grapefruit, overlaid with a delicate sweetness.


NB very occasionally, case contents may be substituted for wines of a similar flavour profile. Substitutes will always be of equal or greater value.

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